Agenda Location & Contact
Room A Efficient Operations by increased performance in inventory tracking and safety in your Tank Storage
9:30 Registration , tea & coffee
10:00              Welcome to the EMERSON INOVATION DAY
Tomasz Kosik / Algirdas Cebatorius
10:15 Efficient inventory management prevents from product loss and better planing: Solutions for liquids & bulk solids
Ilya Rikhter
11:45     Accurate Plant-wide and Process Unit Mass Balance Helps Optimize Operations
Thomas Otten
12:30    Lunch
Expo area
13:30     How to make your tanks operations efficient & safe: Floating roof monitoring & Overfill prevention
Dainius Zelnys
14:15    How to make your tanks operations efficient & safe: Precise control of tank pressure decrease innert gas consumption & increase safety
Evaldas Kaziulis
15:00      Coffee break
15:30 Operations at your fingertips & manual work reductions with DeltaV mobile & Operator Logbooks
Piotr Burgs / Ryszard Boron
16:15 How to achieve maximum performance in your control system and keeping low investment in system upgrade projects utilizing newest technologies
Piotr Burgs / Ryszard Boron
17:00 Discussion at Expo area and travel for dinner
19:00 Dinner & discussions
Room B Enabling energy savings and decrease unplanned shutdowns by efficient monitor of the assets in the plant
10:15 Pervasive sensing on your steam traps & Presure relief valves helps in energy savings
Danny Vandeput
11:00 Enabling energy savings and preventive maintenance on your Heat Exchangers & Fins fans by applying right monitoring solutions
Danny Vandeput
11:45 Increase integrity of your plant & enable saving of chemicals used in your proces by implementantation right monitoring solutions
Ionut Cadar / Jan Olaf Gomnaes
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Efficient pump health management increase efficiency in your process and helps to avoid unplanned shut downs
Grzegorz Szczesniak
14:15 Best practices of increasing reliability and efficiency of your compressors with our major investments
Grzegorz Szczesniak
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Enable efficiency in process and easier maintenance management thruogh valves diagnostic solutions
Evaldas Kaziulis
16:15 Minimization of your planned plant shutdown time and decrease of historical spare parts inventory by aplying strategic services solutions
Leszek Grochowski
17:00 Discussions, Expo & travel to dinner
19:00 Dinner & discussions