What if you would get ONE global solution provider for any of your automation issues?
Improving valve maintenance efficiency at shutdown Deciding which valves to maintain and which to leave
Do you have to deal with too many partners to solve your process issues? Do you struggle getting an equal level of global expertise from all of them? Emerson Process Management in Norway can help!

Starting October 1st 2015, the Emerson organization in Norway extends its scope with a sales and service team dedicated to Fisher Valves (led by Egon Steinseide). With its leading industry and regulation expertise, this team will help you optimize your operations and ensure the most efficient use of capital and resources.

You will be more confident in your choices with a real partner that helps you solve your day-to-day issues, such as:

  • Sourcing secured spare parts for your plant safety and the performance of your assets
  • Reducing maintenance and improving lead-time on your key production assets

To hear more about this new opportunity, visit the Emerson booth # E4148, at the OTD exhibition in Stavanger, October 21-22 2015 You can also below or contact Egon Steinseide via this form »


The only secured way for safety and performance

To avoid any safety or performance issue we will work together with you on predictive maintenance supported by our extensive Spare Part Program. In addition to a massive European inventory, we are adding in Norway emergency spare parts inventory and local machining to maximize speed and minimize lead-time.


The way you manage your key production assets directly affects reliability and availability. The health and performance of your valves can determine your profitability. We deliver trusted expertise for reliability-centered control valve maintenance that delivers quantifiable results so you can realize the true potential of your valves. We will work together to service your installed base with focus on reducing maintenance cost and improved lead times. Wherever you are in your plant’s lifecycle—startup, turnaround maintenance, or life extension—we have the ability to address your immediate and longterm needs through our compliment of services.

Emerson Diagnostics & Reliability Center in Bergen and Porsgrunn supported by the large Score ISO certified workshop in Stavanger is ready to support the Norwegian customers.

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