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Find out what's unique about the non-intrusive corrosion and erosion monitoring in this brochure.

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Take a moment to watch this video and find out more about Permasense Corrosion Monitoring.

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“Stop drilling holes in your pipes” Webinar Recording
Learn how to measure corrosion and erosion without penetrating the pipe. Why this is important and the impact it has on the assets of the plant, on the operations and on the profit.
Permasense Solution for Offshore Gas Platforms

Learn how to protect your operation from unexpected shutdowns.

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WT210 WiHART Integrity Monitoring System  
Real time wall thickness and temperature measurements from online equipment to your desk.

ET210 WiHART Integrity 
Monitoring System  

Successful range of wall thickness sensors specifically for the upstream sector.

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Complete corrosion monitoring portfolio from one trusted supplier

Emerson can supply the full range of corrosion and erosion monitoring technologies – including inline corrosion or erosion probes, acoustic sand detectors and FSM.