Non-Intrusive Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring System
Real time integrity data enabling a transformation of operational decision making, increasing profitability

A non-intrusive corrosion/erosion monitoring solution that delivers an unparalleled quality and frequency of real time equipment integrity measurements directly to users’ desks.

We are often faced with higher variability in crude quality, higher plant availability requirements, reduced budgets and tighter safety regulations.

Permasense sensors deliver data that enables plants to drive their assets to maximum capability.

It enables customers to continuously monitor how their assets are coping with the ever-changing demands placed upon them – enabling them to make better-informed operational decisions - maximizing safety, asset availability, reliability and profitability resulting in system payback of weeks to months.

Learn more about:

 Providing unparalleled quality and frequency of wall thickness data.

 Best in class data visualization and analysis interface for turning data into value driving business decisions from your office.

 Providing the missing information needed to understand plant integrity and corrosion rates in real time.

 Quick and easy scaleable installation – non-instrusive and cable free.

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