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Gain control of your pipeline with Emerson’s Roxar FSM Log 48 Area Corrosion Monitor™

Emerson’s Roxar FSM Log 48 Area Corrosion Monitor™ is a new pipeline integrity management solution that offers continuous internal corrosion and erosion area information in the most challenging environments, allowing pipeline operators to efficiently control their pipelines, reduce failure risk, increase capacity in transportation, and guarantee outstanding performance in the management of pipeline integrity.

The Roxar FSM Log 48 (the 48 signifying the number of pins in the sensing pin matrix) functions as a real-time remote pipeline area corrosion monitoring solution with benefits that can help in:

Providing continuous internal corrosion monitoring.
Quantifying the localized and generalized internal corrosion trends.
Reducing OPEX in comparison to other alternative technologies.
Simplifying data analysis, trending, and alarm settings.
Easy installation for buried and uncovered pipeline monitoring.
Ensuring flexibility with suitable ODs from 6-to-48 inches, as well as all schedules.
Accessing remote communication and power options through aspects such as WiFi, cellular, and solar.

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