Emerson is the lead sponsor of the largest tank and terminal industry event in the Middle East.

At the event, you’ll gain technical knowledge and discover solutions to store, handle, and move products more efficiently and profitably.


Problems in managing storage tanks arise from the use of outdated mechanical gauges and inaccurate instrumentation. Measurement errors mean uncertainty in the value of your product. At Tank World Expo, we’ll show you how to:

Improve accuracy of volume and profit measurements
Cost effectively modernize your tank gauging system
Integrate tanks with all types of existing DCS and plant applications
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Inefficient transfers happen because of poor coordination and scheduling, errors in paper work, and problems within the metering systems. Learn from Emerson experts how to:

Enhance coordination of assets, transfer traffic, and paperwork
Eliminate measurement ambiguity
Ensure quantity and quality of products
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Manual monitoring and control of movements in terminals can greatly impact profitability. Common threats include product contamination, safety risks, and loss of materials and energy. By optimizing Terminal Management approaches, you’ll be able to:

Maintain product quality and increase turnovers
Optimize capacity and throughput
Cost-effectively maintain HSSE compliance
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