Drive Reliability Goals with the newest Handheld Communicator
Emerson’s latest handheld – AMS Trex Device Communicator – delivers an intuitive, rugged device that makes a difference in how efficient you can become in the field.
AMS Trex communicator delivers a modern user experience in a rugged, intrinsically safe package, providing the experience of consumer devices in a tool built to withstand harsh industrial environments.

Work More Efficiently
Improve efficiency with the modern, intuitive user experience that includes a larger display, touchscreen, and task-based user interface. Device Dashboards, advanced diagnostics, and troubleshooting tips help you fix issues in the field when you find them. The robust lithium-ion battery will keep you in the field longer, and multiply connectivity options make accessing your data easier.

Do More with One Tool
The Trex unit includes built-in functionality to power devices. Simply connect the communicator to a loose instrument to power it. Don't waste time looking for a power supply or confirming adequate loop resistance before testing. Powering a device from the Trex unit isolates it from the rest of the system, helping pinpoint installation issues, including power supply, wiring, I/O cards, or configuration.

Power the loop functionality also allows device configuration in the field on new projects - even before power and I/O infrastructure are in place - helping to keep device configuration off critical path.

Synchronise Devices Changes
Ensure the asset management database is automatically kept up to date with the Auto Sync technology. The Trex communicator logs and timestamps changes made in the field as they occur, delivering an accurate audit trail of device changes to the AMS Device Manager database. More details »

Go Everywhere
This rugged device is easy to hold, yet designed to take the bumps and drops that come from normal use in the plant. The Trex unit is protected against moisture and extreme temperatures, so you can work regardless of environmental conditions. The outer shell meets Intrinsic Safety standards, limiting the buildup of static electrical energy.

If you already have an existing handheld, then receive a discount off the purchase of a Trex communicator. More details »

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