Overcome the challenge - achieve smoother start-up and shutdowns, fewer abnormal situations and improve process knowledge
Operations personnel must comprehend large amounts of data and deal with difficult issues to ensure a facility starts-up and runs smoothly. This is especially true during the start-up of a facility, when operators can contribute significantly to project certainty and success. They must be armed with knowledge of how to operate the process and how to deal with abnormal situations. Emerson’s Dynamic Simulation Solutions equip operators with the tools and the mindset to achieve both.

With the current shortage of skilled personnel and loss of knowledge, facilities must find ways to train new personnel effectively and efficiently, while having minimum impact upon production. How does the shortage of skill and knowledge transfer affect your facility and operations?

Typical pains that indicate the need for improved operator training and decision support of a process are:
  • Inexperienced operators
  • Poor response to abnormal situations
  • Unacceptable schedulre risk from process changes and commissioning
Emerson’s Dynamic Simulation Solutions build a world around your operators as they learn experientially. It’s a world that looks exactly like your production facility — with the identical design and human-machine interface (HMI) as your process automation system. By using Dynamic Simulation you can:
  • Train operators on your unique process
  • Know that operators can see and correct issues
  • Reduce risk: test and commission before finalising a change

Learn how Dynamic Simulation Solutions improve operator knowledge and turn operator power into Operational Excellence.

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