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Maximize the Performance of Your Gas Chromatograph.

Join Emerson’s Rosemount™ Gas Chromatograph (GC) experts as they share trusted insights and best practices on important topics to maximize the performance of your gas chromatograph. Get answers to frequently asked questions and challenges operators face in the field.

WEBINAR 2: Calibration Gases and How to Calibrate a Gas Chromatograph Correctly (ON DEMAND)
Held on Tuesday, June 12, 2018
10 AM – 11 AM CDT (Houston)

All chromatograph systems provide comparative measurement where the analysis is a comparison to a known “Standard” and the “Standard” is the calibration gas. The calibration gas system is critical to the accuracy of the analysis as the gas chromatograph is only as accurate as the calibration gas.

This webinar will review how to select a calibration gas, the important features of the calibration certificate, and how to calibrate a gas chromatograph using the calibration gas.

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Bonnie Crossland is a Product Marketing Manager at Emerson, responsible for Rosemount™ gas chromatographs. She has several years of experience as a Product Marketing Manager in the Oil & Gas industries, having worked with companies such as GE Energy, Baker Hughes and Nalco Champion. Bonnie is a member of ISA and received her BS in Engineering from Rutgers and her MBA from the University of South Carolina.