E197 EPDM Material – NSF and ASSE Certified for
non-potable and industrial water applications


Specifically designed and engineered for demanding water applications, RPP’s E197 EPDM material provides a material option to our customers that require NSF and ASSE approved materials.

Utilizing this material allows for end users to comply to industry standards based on the component level, rather than certifying the entire valve. RPP’s engineering team has developed a performance oriented material that will surpass your sealing needs.

RPP’s E197 peroxide cured black EPDM elastomer has overall excellent physical properties. This material complies and is listed on the NSF Listing to NSF 14 (ASSE 1061 Chlorine/Chloramine Resistance) and NSF 61 potable/drinking water regulations for applications in the potable or non-potable water markets.

NSF/ANSI Standard #14— “Plastic Piping System Components” required by all major U.S. plumbing codes. Complying with all applicable requirements.
ASSE 1061— All applicable requirements
NSF/ANSI Standard #61— “Drinking Water System Components” Complying with all applicable requirements.
{NSF (formerly Nat’l Sanitation Foundation) ANSI (Amer. Nat’l Standards Institute)}

RPP No. Durometer Tensile (Min.) Modulus 100% Elongation (Min.) Specific Gravity Temperature Range Description
E197 60 / 70 1500 min 325% min 235% min 1.07-1.11 -40F – 300F EPDM

Having the diaphragm material certified to the NSF and ASSE standards provides a critical listing for a critical valve compoent in contact with flow media. This provides value by potentially shorterning overall approval time for entire valve assemblies.

RPP and our team of engineers can help to incorporate this material in new designs for increased performance and added value, as well as existing products to enhance your current product offerings.


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